Fly Tipping – At its worst since 2010

Government Agency urge all property managers to be extra vigilant in a recent spate of illegal waste dumping across the UK

As you are no doubt aware, void properties can be vulnerable. Waste dumped in void properties or in gardens may leave property owners with the responsibility and costs of disposing of the waste, which can be considerable.

Our Solution

Orbis can protect & clear residential and commercial properties as well as development sites. We understand that vacant properties create a variety of issues and represent a significant cost to property managers, but with the right security, clean & clear services and regular monitoring in place we can minimise the risks.

Orbis is capable of handling large or small fly tipping sites for our clients. Orbis are fully accredited to handle and dispose of waste in an environmentally safe and efficient way.
We have developed long standing relationships with several leading social housing organisations. Working with our partners has allowed us to identify the following key benefits to you;


Property Maintenance and Specialised Cleaning Services

Planned, re-active and specialist maintenance keeps the property in a ready to let condition to help minimise your loss of income

Physical Security Measures

To deter intruders and minimise the likelihood of criminal activity at the property your loss of income.

Wireless Monitored Alarms

Operational without power supply to the property saving money and energy

24/7 Alarm Activation Response

Rapid response prevents further damage and loss of valuables while the re-instatement of security measures ensures continuity of insurance compliance

Online Reporting

Immediate updates of works carried out thanks to our straight line clear audit trail available online 24/7 giving you control and information wherever you are


Trends in the number of fly-tipping incidents in England, 2007/08 to 2015/16 (in thousands)

Number of large-scale tipping sites closed down in 2016, by region:

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