Datasheets & Brochures

Datasheets and Brochures

Property Services

Steel doors and screens

Property Inspections

Key Management

Mould Removal

Clean & Clear

Specialist Cleaning

Infection Control

Alarms & CCTV Towers


CCTV Towers


LIDAR Detection

Monitoring Services

Contact Centre Support Services

Lone Worker Smartphone App

Lone Worker 1000 Series Device

Lone Worker 1100 Series Device

Other Documents

Manned Guards Vs CCTV Towers

Lone Worker Frameworks Datasheet

Aura | Property Management Datasheet

Social Products & Services Brochure

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Since 1981 Orbis has continued to innovate, invest and lead. With a clear commitment to our customers to deliver exceptional quality and value, Orbis is the market leader providing property and people protection in a range of sectors with a diversified client base, and we have the credentials to back our excellent service.

Send us a message if you need any of our services and one of our local advisers will be touch

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