Company CSR

As a vacant property security and people protection business which has been in existence for more than 30 years, Orbis believes in a sustainable approach. Our strategy delivers solutions which are sustainable in terms of their financial, community, human and environmental impact.

Financially, the business is managed in a long-term, cost-effective and ethical manner, benefiting staff, partners, customers, residents, the local economy and shareholders.

In our depots across the country, we cultivate strong partnerships with our customers and the local community, contribute to local charitable activities and encourage employees to take part in charitable and community-based events.

Our employees reflect the local demography where they are based and our equal opportunities policy, which covers race, religion, sex, age, class, disability, sexual orientation and anything else which makes us different from one another, is an essential part of how we do business. Our people are actively encouraged to train to boost their career prospects. Our commitment – and that of our teams – has been recognised by the accreditation of our training and competency programme by City and Guilds; one of only 100 companies to have this accreditation and the only one within our market sector. To date more than 100 employees have passed our City & Guilds course, and as of today more than 50 per cent of eligible employees have already achieved a qualification.

We are committed to providing services on a sustainable basis that reduces our impact on the environment. We achieve this through reducing our use of paper in our offices and depots, recycling our stock to boost the sustainability credentials of our customers’ properties, using the latest handheld technology to communicate with operatives and reduce their mileage; and developing innovative products such as our Sitex screens and metal iDoor which can be used time and time again.

Maximise recycling of waste materials
Orbis will endeavour to apply the Waste Hierarchy where possible to prevent waste and to apply the hierarchy as a priority before transferring the waste to a third party. This will help to minimise the use of landfill sites.

Battery Storage and Recycling
Our aim is to ensure we recycle all of our waste batteries in the correct manner, that the storage and disposal of all batteries complies with all legislation and that the suppliers we use also comply with Legislation.

Environmental Continuous Improvement Projects
Orbis will endeavour to undertake Environmental Continuous Improvement Projects at each site/depot with the support of the Environmental Coordinator where practical and possible. These projects will work towards Orbis Company Environmental Aims and Objectives and in line with ISO 9001 &14001. The Environmental Coordinator will also work with the sites to help achieve their own Environmental aims and Objectives.

An Environmental Newsletter will be published every quarter to all staff to keep them aware of any new legislation or environmental issues, however if any new legislation arises before this it will be communicated at the time by email. Each site/depot will keep their notice boards up to date will the relevant environmental policies and newsletters and will inform the environmental coordinator if they are aware of any new legislation.

Orbis will seek ways to improve energy efficiency within all sites/depots. This could be from site/depot projects to monitoring of energy bills and awareness campaigns’.

Aspects and Impacts Register
It is the responsibility of the Environmental Coordinator to review the Aspects and Impacts register on an annual basis, though this can be updated at any time if there is a change in Legislation or if Orbis decide to venture into a new work area/product. If a site/depot decide to use or branch into something new it is their responsibility to inform the Environmental Coordinator to ensure it can be added to the register and the Environmental Impact decided on.

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