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Facial Recognition
Turnstile Pod

Construction Site Biometric
Turnstile Pod

  • External turnstile pod with facial recognition readers on entry and exit
  • Optional thermal camera for temperature check, preventing entry if high
  • 100% contactless to meet all H&S / Covid requirements
  • Incorporates full-height, metal, bi-directional turnstile
  • Supplied PC pre-loaded with software for access control, H&S and T&A reporting
  • Vandal-proof, lockable metal pod can be customised with corporate branding
  • Rent or purchase, nationwide delivery and installation service

How does facial
recognition work?

Suprema’s unique algorithm optimises IR and visual face recognition to produce the industry’s best face recognition and anti-spoofing performance regardless of user’s ethnicity or facial changes such as beards, glasses or ageing.

Can detect and prevent access to users not wearing masks, yet recognise and permit access to those who are.

How does temperature
measurement work?

The Suprema Thermal Camera enables immediate identification of users with elevated skin temperature.

This fast and precise camera supports extended height range of 145 cm–210 cm for face recognition and distance of 40 cm– 80 cm for temperature measurement of all users and from a convenient distance. Temperature can be displayed both in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Settings include audio and visual alerts with optional alarm, with data saved as event logs.

This provides a contactless solution for new standards of safety and hygiene.

Can I get time &
attendance reports?

The Suprema BioStar software provided is really easy to use (we provide training) and has capacity for upto 10,000 contacts, so big enough for any site.

Key to access control, is the ability to permit entry only to authorised people, but also to see when anyone entered and left site (their time and attendance, T&A) enabling accurate payroll. It does this automatically, saving you time and costly overpayment or timesheet ‘mistakes’.

Does it integreate with fire systems?

Yes, very easily, with an integration panel your fire alarm installer can provide. When integrated, in the event of a fire alarm, the turnstile will go into free spin, enabling emergency services in and contractors out.

In addition, since the Suprema software logs everyone on site, should a site evacuation be required, it automatically produces a report of their names for emergency services to account for their safety outside the site. This essential H&S ‘muster’ reporting, enables you to meet HSE rules and can help you save lives!

Can I rent or
purchase it?

Whichever you prefer. We always have turnstiles in stock, so can deliver at short notice, either our ‘pre-loved’ units for weekly rental or new units, fresh out of our fabrication workshop, to help showcase your site. New units can even be finished in your corporate colours and branded with logos for a great first impression to project clients, management or contractors

  • Motion Control
  • Operating Temperature
  • Power
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Tripod Locking
  • LED Indication
  • Turnstile Finish
  • Reader Technology
  • w/ hydraulic shock absorber
  • -20deg C to +70 deg C
  • 230v AC / 30w Consumption
  • 1000kg
  • 1700 x 3200 x 2640mm (W x D x H)
  • 24v Solenoids
  • Bi Colour Directional LED
  • Black Powder Coated
  • Biometric Fingerprint / Proximity Card



Fife Council

“We had never worked with a system like this – we were able to go in and check the status of all jobs that had been put through. This gave us the advantage of managing the turnaround of our void properties quickly.”

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