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Bluetooth Key Safes

Discover Smart Access Control

We understand managing keys for multiple properties is a difficult and time-consuming task. If you are responsible for granting access to properties, you will have likely spent time doing the following:

  • paying a third party to hold your keys
  • spending time on accompanied visits
  • granting access to multiple contractors
  • needing to accurately track contractor times
  • wanting to save time on missed site visits

Manage Access Remotely

Delivering accommodation keys to various service providers can be time consuming and completely unnecessary. Our Bluetooth Key Safe provides you with on-the-spot access for all approved visitors and can remotely track the total duration of their stay.

Our Bluetooth Key Safe also gives you the ability to generate unique one-day codes that will remain valid until midnight. Say goodbye to unnecessary travel, which wastes both time and money, and say hello to the future of access security.

More Than Just A Lock Box

Beyond key management, our solution provide detailed and accurate reports on visitors in and out of a property.

This useful feature of our online portal provides eyes on your sites and helps you manage your portfolio so you remain audit ready.


  • Know if you’re contractors show up on-time
  • Monitor the duration of visits in the property
  • Easy to use reporting and user management online
  • Get live notifications when a visitor enters/leaves the property (optional)

Product Specification

Our Orbis Bluetooth Key Safe is the first police accredited, commercial Bluetooth electronic key storage device rated to LPS1175 standards with a C1 security rating. This make our Key Safe the most secure solution available on the market.

To further assess the durability and security of our device, we put the Key Safe through a series of attack testing procedures.

You can see the results for yourself in this video.

Specification for testing against LPS1175 Security Rating

Attack Time: Over 3 minutes

Number of Combination Differs: Over 1 million

Tools Used for Testing: 

Axe 350mm (1.5kg) – Battery 12V – Bolt Cutter 400mm – Brick Bolster 250mm x 75mm wide blade
Cold chisel 250mm x 28mm wide blade – Crow bar 700mm (2.5kg) – Drill 12V
Drill Bit 10mm diameter jobber – Fluorocarbon based freeze spray 400ml – Gas Torch 175g
Hammer 300mm (1.8kg) – Scissor Jack 1500kg capacity – Wood Chisel 250mm x 26mm wide blade

Device Specification

Vault Construction: Heat treated plus harded chromium molybdenum aircraft grade steel

External Size: W81mm x H137mm x D73mm 

Capacity: W54mm x H80mm x D14mm = 60cm^3 

Key Storage: Up to 5 keys, fobs or 5 smartcards

Fixing System: Multi-Monti masonary bolt 100mm x 80mm 

Operating System: -30°c and +85°c

Battery Life: 6000 uses (approx. 3 years)

Battery Type: LiMn02



Vale of Glamorgan Borough Council

“Orbis have been very helpful in providing a rapid response and will go out of their way to help to secure a property. Overall, Orbis performs to the property management standards that are expected. The range of services covers everything that we need.”

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