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Wireless Alarm Systems

Leading vacant property & site alarms

  • Vacant properties are highly vulnerable to vandalism, theft and trespassing.
  • Insurance premiums for landlords are often elevated due to these types of incidents.
  • Our vacant property and site alarms are designed to protect buildings and internal fittings.
  • Our alarms are tamper-proof and constructed from vandal-resistant materials.
  • The alarms operate for up to nine months on battery and are continuously monitored by our 24/7 Response Centre.

Our Wireless Property & Site Alarm Systems 

Videofied Alarm System

Vacant sites and properties are uncontrolled environments, so video verification is important to eliminate costly false alarms. Our alarms can be rapidly deployed nationwide and can be moved from site to site as risks evolve. Alarm sensors have integrated cameras that generate 10-second video clips upon activation.

  • External/Internal Use
  • Video Capture
  • Day and Night Camera
  • Simple Arm/Disarm
  • One-Way Audio
  • Mains free panel/devices
  • Upto 4 years battery life
  • Improved false alarm detection with Calipsa

Verifeyed Alarm System

Our market-leading video verification solution is designed to protect vulnerable areas where CCTV is either too expensive to install and maintain or simply inaccessible. Our solution addresses common issues around poor photo quality and detection range. Our devices are battery powered and use wireless communication.

  • External/Internal Use
  • Photos instantly sent to control center
  • HD Images
  • 30m Camera Range
  • Day and Night Camera
  • AI Object Verification – Reduce False Alarms
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • 400 day battery life
  • Environmental/Tamper Detection

Orbis iTrap Alarm System

Temporary Radio Alarm Protection by Orbis, our leading cost-effective solution for vacant property alarms. Our iTrap Alarm System includes a variety of internal alarms, wireless PIR’s and sensors perfectly suited to protect vacant properties. iTrap is the UK’s first remotely operated, radio-linked intruder alarm.

  • Internal Use
  • Remote Arm/Disarm
  • 24/7 Monitoring




“I would like to compliment the way that Orbis handles the rapid installation of property alarms. This is a same day service that is provided by Orbis.”

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